Niya Hamilton Consultancy LLC was founded on the premise of servicing local Philadelphia-based charitable organizations, nonprofits, and philanthropist centering their work as the solution to the many social and economic inequities challenged by residents of specifically in the lower North Philadelphia corridor.

Since its conception, The Consultancy has been able to serve clients throughout the Philadelphia region, and has expanded its efforts working with clients from around the country — Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland, The District of Columbia, Georgia, Michigan, and Nevada. Through a compilation of education in basic board leadership, programmatic goals, and funding initiatives, The Consultancy has successfully contributed to the landscape of emerging nonprofits at the grassroot level with the fundamentals of nonprofit board meeting coordination, legal and fiduciary knowledge, best practices, and data collection and management. Our clients range from a number of industries, from farmers to trade professionals, educational consultants, charitable and social entrepreneurs, public service organizations.

The Consultancy strives to execute its Vision of contributing to the success of the nonprofit sector from a holistic strategy — impacting leadership, their staff, client engagement, and strategic partnerships. The Consultancy supports this work through a compilation of education and direct services in the following areas:

  • Advisory & Accountability Services
  • Program Development
  • Grants Management & related services
  • Mentorship Forum
    • New Consultants
    • Grants Management Professionals

The Consultancy believes in its work “To help those that help others”. When asked why our Principal is so passionate about ensuring grassroot and small to mid-sized organizations, its simply because we share the same values and Mission to empower, support, and uplift disinvested communities.

functionLet’s get started! You have two consultation options below. General Consultations concerning services prior to purchase; and Discovery Consultations for those clients seeking advisory to execute their projects independently.