Niya Hamilton Consultancy LLC is located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, serving charitable organizations and small businesses in their mission to create equitable and accessible programs and services that support BIPOC communities. The Consultancy is invested in the disinvested — it understands the need and challenges faced by low income citizens. “As someone whose family benefited from public programs, I deeply and personally know the impact and importance of access to opportunities that can change the trajectory of someone’s life” – Niya S, Hamilton, Principal Consultant. The Consultancy understands intersectionality, impact, levels of service and the lack thereof.

The Mission of Niya Hamilton Consultancy LLC is To advance the mission of nonprofits and philanthropic endeavors in developing and sustaining its program and services to stabilize BIPOC communities”. In doing so, the strategy to execute its Mission is a compilation of education and delivering services in the following areas:

  • Board Training
  • Programs & Services
  • Grants & Fiscal Management
  • Proposal and Application Submissions
  • Measuring Outcomes
  • Funding Opportunities

Niya Hamilton Consultancy LLC values the work of charities and businesses that create fair and inclusive services, ensuring all vulnerable communities have an opportunity to change their circumstances. In doing so, humanity and empathy is needed to cultivate said change. The Consultancy is a partnership, not just a service. We are a sounding board, advocate, and stakeholder in your endeavor. Niya Hamilton Consultancy LLC looks forward to working with you!

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